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Week of Publicity in NYC!
posted on August 13th, 2012

This week I’m in NYC doing publicity for my newly released book, “Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape.” This morning I was on two segments of the Today Show, first with Savannah Guthrie and then with Kathie Lee Gifford – so much fun!! I talked mostly about my books and math, and a little about the TV movie I just finished shooting a few days ago, a Christmas-time romantic comedy also starring Dustin Milligan and Lea Thompson. 

Later this week I’ll be popping up on other various talk shows like segments for CNN and MSNBC to talk more about math education and my books – and how to make smart the new sexy. ;) Helping that cause, Dina Bar-el has lent me dresses for my book publicity, and I’m very excited to be wearing them. Her stuff is so awesome.

By the way, Kevin Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) and his wife were on the Today segment before my Kathie Lee visit this morning, and I thought it was kind of awesome that my green Geometry book graphic was on the screen behind them as they were talking about their reality show. Strangely, a similar thing happened when I was on Attack of the Show in June – my book graphic showed up in the middle of their tech segment on laptops. Gotta love live TV!  (I’ll be doing AOTS again August 21st. Love those guys.)

My segment with Savannah Guthrie

My segment with Kathie Lee Gifford (Including an article I wrote and a really cute picture of Draco!)

For the latest on my national TV appearances and book signings, check out the Calendar (see to the left). Will be doing a few SMTs for various local news shows, too, but I won’t be listing all of those.

Thanks for all your continued support!


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posted by DougieCFresh on August 21st, 2012

What a week! You looked great Danica and more importantly you got your message of empowering young girls to seriously consider the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields across loud and clear. It was so much more ambitious than merely a promotional tour for your book, you obviously care so much! And too, as you mentioned often this week, you love to be the 'entertainer' and you certainly were. There were some great moments and some great laughs. You have an infectious charisma that draws your fan base. You are equally loved as you are appreciated. Cheers! Doug



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