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My First Comic-Con!
posted on July 29th, 2011

So, I've heard about the legendary San Diego Comic-Con for years - the massive convention center, the crowds of costumed fans, the lengthy autograph lines and sold-out panels - but had never before participated. I guess I just haven't been involved enough in the comic book/cartoon/sci-fi genre... until now!

My qualifying show this year? I play the voice of the green-skinned alien Miss Martian on Cartoon Network's Young Justice, and Warner Brothers was kind enough to invite me to speak on the Young Justice panel along with the show's producers (Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti), and the art director (Phil Bourassa).

I love doing this cartoon. The show's creators are top notch, and my character is awesome. Like most of the characters on the show, she's dealing with two very different but coexisting aspects of her life: she's a kickass superhero and an insecure teenager, all at the same time. And a chance to speak on a panel about it to a whole bunch of Young Justice fans? Fantastic!

So, I accepted Warner Brothers' invitation, and we packed up the baby and headed to San Diego. Bringing a baby to Comic-Con didn't seem too popular an idea, though, considering the fact that the hotel (which of course was totally sold out for months) had a waiting list for rollaway beds and microwaves, but plenty of cribs to spare.

We arrived Saturday evening after driving down that afternoon (took forever but Draco had a 3.5 hour nap!) and then hanging at my dad's house for dinner and badminton.

We checked into the hotel around 8pm. There was so much activity, so much excitement in the hotel, and I'm happy to say that having our baby didn't totally keep us from enjoying the festivities. See, there was live music playing downstairs outside and a fireworks show out the window, over the marina! So we sat there upstairs in our hotel room overlooking the marina, me nursing our baby to sleep, listening to the fun cover band and watching the fireworks... and thinking that life ain't so bad sometimes.

The next morning, my panel started at 10am by showing our newest episode, "Targets," and it was awesome to see it on big screen. The audience loved it! There were tons of different costumes in the audience, but it was especially fun for me to look out and see the Miss Martians with full-on costumes, green faces and red hair. Two of them even made us cookies! (Something my character loves to do). Greg, one of the show's producers, happily ate some. I didn't - both because I'm still watching what I eat extra carefully because of breastfeeding, and also because, um, the cookies came from a stranger... a possibly overzealous one at that. I was suuuure they weren't poison. Okay, but not that sure. (Happily, Greg seemed fine.)

The Q&A session was fun, and too short. So many fans had lined up and I felt badly that most of them didn't get their questions answered!

After the panel, I joined the producers and art director once again for a poster signing, followed by some press. Here's one of the articles resulting from the press room. My husband Mike, Draco and I didn't spend much time there, once my participation was through. Apparently 10-month olds don't much like crowds of people wearing face paint and masks. In fact, these things make some 10 months olds cry (a lot). Who knew?

All in all, a great experience. I wished could have stayed longer, but there's always next year!  


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