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My Stuff Bags
posted on May 21st, 2011

Last week I attended the 3rd annual “Do Good Stuff-a-thon,” sponsored by the Toy Industry Foundation at the My Stuff Bags Foundation, out in Westlake Village, CA. My mom and I stuffed bags in an assembly line for 2 hours! Well worth the drive for this amazing organization. A friend told me about them years ago, and I’ve been a strong supporter ever since.

What is “My Stuff Bags,” and what exactly was I doing in an assembly line, you ask?

This is from their website: Imagine the trauma of being a child separated from all you know – parents, possessions and home – and not having anything to cling to for comfort. Sadly, each year, hundreds of thousands of children here in the United States must be rescued from severe abuse, neglect or abandonment. Traumatized and facing an uncertain future, they frequently enter shelters and foster care with nothing – no favorite stuffed animal, no special blanket. They are afraid, disoriented, and desperate for comfort. That’s where we come in.

The My Stuff Bags Foundation, with the help of thousands of people across the country, provides these unfortunate children with new belongings and new hope through its innovative “My Stuff Bags” program.

My Stuff Bags are bright blue individual duffels filled with brand new, age- and gender-appropriate toys, books, a stuffed animal, school supplies, clothing, personal toiletries, and a warm, often hand-made “security” blanket – all theirs to keep. Packed with items they desperately need as they adjust to their new surroundings, My Stuff Bags provide things to do and to hold during this difficult time.

"It was a hot day, and I wasn't about to put one of those t-shirts over my dress... pant, pant!

For years now, I contribute money, books (last year I donated 1000 copies of “Math Doesn’t Suck”), toys, and time! I’ve done a few stuff-a-thons, and I love them. With every bag, you just know that you’re providing hope and love to a child who needs it the most. It's fun, too: You grab items from the bins, stick 'em in the bags, and scoot them to the next person who does the same!

It’s really easy to help at any level, no matter where you live. Check out their website to find out more.  


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