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'Jungle Gym Mommy' Yoga
posted on June 1st, 2011

As any mom would testify, it can be challenging to fit everything into the day, and one of the first things to go tends to be exercise. In order to keep "Away from Draco time" (Daddy watching time and also naptime) reserved for showers and book writing, I've taken to exercising with Draco within the walls of a play area we've set up in the dining room. No, we don't have a ginormous dining room.

You see, we have no dining room table.

Nope just a big, plastic, multicolored playpen within sight of the kitchen and the living room TV, and big enough to fit a few yoga mats side-by-side. And now that Draco is 8 months old, crawling, and pulling himself up on anything he can reach, I engage almost daily in what I like to call "Jungle Gym Mommy" Yoga.

Lemme tell ya, it's a unique challenge to hang out in downward dog while your hair is being pulled or stand in tree pose while a little monkey tries to climb up your leg. I think I'm building character. You know, determination despite obstacles, "making it work," sharpening my multitasking skills, etc. I've even nursed during shavasana. No, I'm not kidding.

It's actually fun coming up with ways to entertain him during each pose. Can I give him a kiss on the forehead as I transition into upward dog? Can I blow on his face and make him laugh as I come out of a twist pose? Watching him try to climb up my legs with such earnestness and saving him from bad falls all while staying in triangle (and trying not to fall myself!) ah, these are when memories are made. In between these various memories, I keep my breath long and steady, so I really feel that I'm getting most of the benefits, anyway!

Sure it's pretty inconvenient, a little uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful, but you know what? I LOVE it. They're not this young for very long, as I understand it. He won't always try to climb up my leg...

I'll never forget these days of my little monkey baby and the Jungle Gym Mommy Yoga. :)


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