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Dancing with the Stars
posted on March 14th, 2014

Hey everyone! 

First of all: Happy Pi Day! Yes, it's 3.14 and I love all the tweets I've been getting about it. (Click here to celebrate by watching the "Pi" episode of Math Bites!)

I've been having so much fun and rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars and it seems I've been too busy to update my blog about it, so here you go! We've had 2 weeks of rehearsal so far. It's been awesome - really hard work but fun. It's a little strange to have cameras with us the whole time, but I'm getting used to it. :) And after all this rehearsing, I am so sore! I actually took an ice bath yesterday, which really helped (not sure I recommend it unless necessary because, um, BRRR!). Apparently athletes do this all the time - more power to 'em, haha.

Me and my awesome partner, Val Chmerkovskiy

I've seriously been such a fan of DWTS since the beginning and I'm so excited to be a part of it this season. (Thank you Tom Bergeron for encouraging/badgering me to do it.) I admit that I was nervous at first, but the thing is, I love dance, I love challenges, and I love sparkly outfits... And I guess I have the dancing gene: My mom was a professional dancer and had me & my sister taking ballet as little girls, but I never really pursued it. My sister did - she was quite the ballerina for awhile! Then back in 2006 I did a movie in Dallas where I had to do a Tango scene. I rehearsed for about a month - it was tough but I totally got the dancing bug, and I always wished I could spend more time getting better at it. After I came back to LA, I remained friends with my teachers back in Dallas, and I kept dancing as an on-again, off-again hobby - but between my two careers and being a mom, there just wasn't ever the time to really focus on dance - until now! And Val is seriously kicking my butt - I'm losing weight AND eating like I did when I was pregnant! BTW, I feel so lucky to have Val as my partner. He can be tough on me sometimes, but I feel myself getting better an I'm really grateful to him. 

So thank you in advance for your support from this very happy actress/author who is finally getting an opportunity to train as a dancer. I want to put on a really entertaining show for you all, week after week. Your support means everything.

Love, Danica

P.S. Don't forget to vote (via phone, FB, Monday nights, starting March 17th at 8|7c on ABC! Go #TeamVanica!


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posted by MKM on March 15th, 2014

Danica, you're not being completely truthful about the extent of your ballroom dance training.  You said, yourself, in an article that you dance whenever you can and probably have too much experience to be on Dancing With the Stars.  You have to be upfront about it, or it will hurt you with viewers when they find out, just like it hurt Sherri Sheppard (one of Val's previous partners).  Viewers don't care about previous dance experience; they do get resentful if they feel they're being played.

posted by Andie on March 15th, 2014

MKM with RUDE people like you on the internet you've just made me want to cheer for Danica. You have no right to question her truthfulness, she said she hadn't had the chance to dance as much as she wanted to, but at no time has she denied her love of dance or her dance experience.   

posted by Louispaxton on March 24th, 2014

Its just an Awesome as this girl is dancing with the such a high heel. Its very difficult to dance with the high heels. At least Its not possible for me. Most of teh time i dance wearing Gel lyte iii shoes.

posted by fstbkjack on May 6th, 2014

You were not judged fairly by the home audience.  You clearly deserved to be in the finals! My wife and I loved you on the Wonder Years but you have continued to grow into a beautiful and talented actress/DANCER!!! We'll look forward to seeing your performance in the finale! Also Abby Lee Miller is a joke and hopefully will never be asked to come back to guest judge on DWTS!            

posted by sheldan on June 26th, 2014

Danica, a little late joining in, but...

 I remember you as an actress on The Wonder Years, but it was interesting to learn that you are a mathematician.  I own your first three books.  I am an adjunct professor of developmental math at some community colleges (recently retired) and although your books are aimed at girls, I feel that I want to have some new ideas for teaching concepts to my students.

 When I learned that you were on DWTS (although I am not a fan of the show), you were my natural choice to pull for.  Whether or not you won, I always am looking for you on TV or in the news.  I look forward to reading the blog.

posted by hu geng hua on February 8th, 2015


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posted by milanjoy on May 26th, 2017

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posted by Rizah on June 28th, 2017

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