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posted on April 16th, 2011

Practicing yoga is like giving yourself a full body massage, from the inside out. It feels soooo good! (Nobody read anything into that, ok?)

Seriously, yoga is like my favorite thing ever. I've been doing yoga very regularly throughout my pregnancy and as much as I can post-delivery, but today Draco took a 2 hour nap (!) and I got a chance to really stay in some of the poses and feel the stretch and release in my muscles - it felt like such a luxury! And I found myself taking truly deep breaths, too. Sometimes I think the best part of yoga is the way it makes you breathe. I think I end up holding my breath a lot throughout the day without realizing it (waking apnea?) So yoga is a fix for that, too! Another great thing about yoga is how it corrects posture.

In fact, I want to say this for any new mommies out there - in addition to yoga, I've found it really helpful to consciously pull my shoulder blades back and together, several times a day. Anyone else feeling hunched over alot?? I know it comes from cradling our tiny ones, but a hunched posture is not healthy and I think it's totally worth correcting. Remember in school how they used to tell us that if we didn't sit up straight, that we'd end up permanently hunched over as we got older? That still haunts me... :)

Anyway, just wanted to share the miracle of yoga with y'all. And remember, throughout the day: BREATHE!


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posted by Rafael on April 8th, 2012

Yôga rocks. I´ve found it complements my highly logical activity of software development, by working intuition, body, emotions. It probably complements your activity on math :)

posted by Alaska on August 8th, 2013

so true! yoga helps me alot, too. i mean i'm the type that worries about everything but this helps me to let it all go and, how you say, just breathe!!



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