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Early Copy of my Book!
posted on July 3rd, 2012

Aaagggh!! I'm so excited. My publisher just sent me an early copy of my new book, Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape, and it looks so cool!! Man, even though this is my 4th book, it never gets old... After living inside my head an on my laptop for years... here it is, finally, in physical form. Total rush. It's like holding the last 2 years of my life in my hands. (I guess holding Draco is, um, like that, too!)Girls Get Curves Book Cover

People might say, "But you've been staring at the cover and the pages of this book for months now!" The thing about a book is, once it's printed, it's printed. So no matter how much you think you've perfected it on your computer, there's that human element - that physical element - that gets introduced at the printing stage. Will the shade of green on the cover be printed like we thought? How will the pages look in the binding? What if some of the last typo corrections didn't get put into the book? So many little things can go wrong at this last stage. You never really know what your readers are going to see till you're holding it. And I'm happy to say that it turned out great!

Now - will there be typos that my editor and I missed somehow? Probably! But that's pretty standard fare. In fact, like always, I'll be having a contest for you guys to find those typos. Anyone who is the first to find a particular typo that is important enough to be corrected for the next printing will get a signed picture from me and a mention on the Typos page of the GGC website. (It will be - but it's not up quite yet.)

Speaking of the GGC website, I'd better get back to writing it. As always, I'll have ALL the problems' worked out solutions on the website, and that takes awhile to do. I just hate it when you get an answer that's different from the one in the back of the book. This way, you can see how I got that answer. Nice, right?

Thanks for all of your ongoing encouragement throughout this process. Smiley


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posted by DougieCFresh on July 3rd, 2012

Wow, you really are excited! That's great! My daughter used to call your set the 'Trilogy'. What is it now? A 'Quartet' or a 'Tetrology'? 'Tetrology' sounds more 'math'! Suffice, before long we'll have to put in the "McKellar Annex" to our own library. The shelf is getting full! Congrats on another text!



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