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Palindrome Puzzle - Recent Solutions!
posted on February 4th, 2014

A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same forward and backward, like "kayak" or "Madam, I'm Adam."

For those of you who have been following me on Twitter, you know that I have rebooted my palindrome puzzles - it is now a weekly palindrome challenge - every Thursday. :)

Here are some recent solutions! (Check back if the most recent one hasn't posted yet.)


July 17th:

Clue: A do-it-yourself product for enhancing Polynesian-themed parties (with torches) might be called this. (2 wds)

Answer: Tiki kit

July 24th:

Clue: Tell an actress about your desire for higher speed limits:

“Ms Hathaway, I elect increasing amounts of autos rush (from) the Italian capital to Austria’s.” (9 wds) (thx @jayreltub!)

Answer:  Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna.

July 31st:

Clue: Taking precautions against getting too close to a comedian: “Stay away from Mr. Chappelle!” (2 wds)

Answer: Evade Dave!


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posted by hulliesgirl on April 28th, 2014

Are we going to get recent updates?



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