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Palindrome Puzzle - Recent Solutions!
posted on May 3rd, 2016

What is #NameThatPalindrome, you ask?

A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same forward and backward, like "kayak" or "Madam, I'm Adam."

For the last few years, I've hosted weekly palindrome challenge - every Thursday. :) I give a clue, and the answer will always be a palindrome. It's a fun game; join on in!

Here are some recent solutions! (Check back if the most recent one hasn't posted yet.)


March 31st:

Clue: If big mice tricked a Hollywood actor, the news headline might read: "Rodents dupe haughty celebrity" (4 wds)

Thx @DarthFractious!

Answer: Rats fool aloof star

April 7th:

Clue: Command a guy to get off the couch and do his civic duty: “Get up to cast your ballet, man!” (4 wds) Thx @music_lover44!

Answer: Rise to vote, sir

April 14th:

Clue: Give advice to a sleepyhead: “Avoid opening mouth in fatigue while en route to saying yes with head-gesture” (7 wds) Thx @DarthFractious!

Answer: Do not yawn on way to nod      

April 21st:

Clue: Direct your actress bartender to serve beer, “Wife in The Fugitive, serve beer from a keg!” (4 wds) Thx @adamspragg!

Answer: Sela Ward, draw ales!


April 28th:

Clue: An angry river tired of hearing howling, might "Stream water directly toward one wild furry canine" (4 words) Thx, @DarthFractious!

Answer: Flow at a wolf


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posted by hulliesgirl on April 28th, 2014

Are we going to get recent updates?

posted by janetmcmillan on April 16th, 2015

The word you puzzled is really similar, because it has contain the same characters like A.D.A.M or M.A.D.A.M, the most cases are same. I am worried about that I will <a href="">pay someone to do my essay</a>, my exams will be on next week. 

posted by Just.Harry on May 23rd, 2015

Elba Table

posted by eltigre on December 18th, 2015

Napoleon’s quote when he was banished:

Able was I ere I saw Elba



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