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The Skinny on *Love at the Christmas Table*!
posted on November 30th, 2012

Update - The movie did great in the ratings, and it will be repeating throughout December. :)

Here is the movie's website, which has the upcoming schedule (it repeats on Dec 1st, Dec 2nd, Dec 9th, Dec 17th and Dec 25th) and a few photos. Enjoy, and thanks for watching, everyone!


Hey everyone!

I'm very excited about a TV movie I have coming out on Lifetime this month - it's called "Love at the Christmas Table" and it premieres the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend - November 25th, 7pm/6pmC.

Interestingly, it airs right before the Lindsay Lohan movie Liz & Dick, a biopic about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I'm not totally sure what one film has to do with the other, but my Christmas movie airs AFTER Liz & Dick, too. Kinda like a Danica/Lindsay sandwich, right? (Don't answer that.)

My film, Love at the Christmas Table, is a romantic comedy set at Christmastime, and it chronicles the romance between Sam & Kat from the ages 5 to 32. They first meet under the children's table on Christmas Eve (hence the word "table" in the title), catching up with both characters each year at Christmas -often at that very same children's table. It's fun, touching, adorable, and yes... hilarity ensues.

Here's its IMDB page. My romantic co-star is Dustin Milligan, who is a total cutie and total sweetheart, too, so it was easy to have good chemistry onscreen! And Lea Thompson was so awesome to work with. I've been a fan of hers since Back to the Future, and she did not disappoint. So professional and funny. I would love to work with BOTH of them again. 

So, Lifetime is doing a series of Christmas movies, all part of their "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" event. Cute name, right? Like It's a Wonderful Life. Tell me you've seen that movie. Many times. (If not, stop reading this and go watch it. Many times.) And they asked me to do some promos for it - here's the picture I recently posted on FB and Twitter. 

I've been asked who designed the dress. No less than Herve Leger. LOVE his stuff. Only downside is that you can't really eat a sandwich before you wear one of his dresses. Not unless you want to hold your breath the whole time, that is. ;) 

And I should mention that shooting this movie was one of the most fun experiences I've had on a set - the cast and crew were awesome, and the script was such a delight to perform. I got to play the character from the ages of 18-32, with scenes ranging from subtle comedy, to raw emotional stuff to, well, this: 

Do you like the bangs? Kind of a throwback to that show I did as a kid. ;)

I can promise you that my movie will put you in the Christmas spirit... not sure I can say the same thing about "Liz & Dick" (but I'm going to watch it anyway). 

Oh, and I should mention! I will be LIVE TWEETING during the premiere, yes, during the East coast AND West coast premiere. How will I do that? 


So be sure to tune in to Lifetime for "Love at the Christmas Table" on Sunday November 25th at 7pm/6pmC, full from Thanksgiving and ready to start feeling all Christmas-y. And if you're on Twitter, find me there (@danicamckellar) ready to ask your Q's during the premiere. I'll be ready with A's and also some random behind-the-scenes trivia along the way. 

Can't wait!

xoxo, Danica


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posted by DougieCFresh on November 15th, 2012

posted by bkozlowski on December 6th, 2012

I watched this movie the other night with my 24yr old daughter who is trying to get a break into the acting business here in South Mississippi. She has filmed 3 movies in Mobile, Al and is doing auditions in New Orleans all the time.

We really enjoyed this movie and thought you were terrific in it. The scene where you and your friend were having a real fight, him on the phone outside of your house and you inside was very good. I believed every second of it. Yall crushed each other but were very real toward each other because you knew each other so well. Very nice!!!

You were always a very beautiful young lady!!! Good luck in the future!! Look forward to seeing you in other things. A Big fan!!


posted by JeffEvergreen on December 9th, 2012

No comments?  I have a comment!  Wife and I just watched your movie Love at the Christmas Table, and we both cried.  Very moving.  LOVED the ending, the plot twist, and how convincingly you and Dustin sold it.  I admit that my favorite genre of movie is romantic comedy, love Hallmark around this time of year (go Lifetime!).  Usually however, the endings are weak, almost anti-climactic.  NOT THIS TIME.  Thanks Danica for a wonderful performance, and please make more movies!  Your fans, Jeff and Helen in Evergreen, Colorado

posted by Doug504 on December 11th, 2012

This is a delightful movie - not the typical holiday rom-com. First of all, "Table" is well written - it is an intimate film that is a little quirky and quietly humorous. And "Table" has a cast of very good actors. Danica mentioned some but I would add Scott Patterson and Alexandra Paul as well as Danica herself.

posted by Doug504 on December 30th, 2012

This is an absolutely delightful movie. Quietly literate, witty, and quirky. Good concept, good writing, and good cast. "Table" is not your typical holiday romantic comedy. If you missed the broadcasts hopefully Lifetime will sell the DVD!

posted by BOYDOGSMAN on April 19th, 2013





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