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Palindrome Puzzle - Recent Solutions!
posted on February 4th, 2017

What is #NameThatPalindrome, you ask?

A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same forward and backward, like "kayak" or "Madam, I'm Adam."

For the last few years, I've hosted weekly palindrome challenge - every Thursday. :) I give a clue, and the answer will always be a palindrome. It's a fun game; join on in!

Here are some recent solutions! (Check back if the most recent one hasn't posted yet.)


Jan 5th:

Clue: Instructions in a bizarre game of Simon Says: “Move fwd one place, run competitively, act like rugs!” (4 wds)

Answer: Step, race, be carpets!

Jan 12th:

Clue: More instructions for a bizarre game of Simon Says: "Lightly touch sniffer! Shout! Everyone look at Ms. Benatar!" (7 wds)

Answer: Tap nose! Yell! All eyes on Pat!

January 19

Clue: Children of pregnant mother confer on mom’s absence: “’Has mommy given birth?’ ‘She has!’” (5 wds) Thx  @_aibohphobia_  #NameThatPalindrome

Answer: Did mom pop? Mom did.

January 26th:

Clue: A zoologist obsessed with cunning forest creatures' gender is fixating on the: (3 wds) #NameThatPalindrome (Thx, @darthfractious!)

* Answer: Sex of foxes

February 2nd:

If someone thought gambling and musical shows equaled intelligence, they might create this slogan for the desert town:  “Wise Nevada City” (2 wds)

Answer: Sage Vegas




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