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Despite Danica's busy schedule, she finds time to lend a helping hand to worthwhile organizations, especially anything relating to children and/or education.


One of her favorite charities is "Math-a-thon", which is a math program designed to help kids enjoy math while raising money for children with Cancer at St.Jude Children's Research Hospital. She encourages you to peruse the site. This is a wonderful organization that gives FREE CARE to kids with Cancer, whether they have health insurance or not!

Here, Danica attends a pajama party fundraiser for "Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation" (hosted by The Children's Place) which grants wishes to terminally ill children. Danica's little goddaughter, Tori, came out to support the event as well!

My Stuff Bags

There are several causes Danica feels passionately about, and one of them is helping abused children. The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides powerful advocacy on behalf of abused, abandoned and neglected children across the United States and Canada. The My Stuff program was launched to comfort children in crisis and warm their welcome in a safe but strange place. Each cheerful, blue My Stuff bag is filled with things a child needs and, toiletries, a teddy bear and, of course, a "blankie" to call their very own.

Stuff a Thon

Danica regularly supports this organization, donates books and toys to it, and even joins in the bag stuffing! (See her blog post.)

So far, over 400,000 My Stuff™ bags have been filled and delivered to waiting, lonely children all across the U.S. To find out more, and how you can help, click here.


Danica is a firm believer in the importance of quality education, especially when it comes to middle school and high school. Through her math education advocacy, she has had the opportunity to voice these beliefs, including to Congress! For a transcript of this, click here:

Locally, Danica supports organizations dedicated to bringing dance, music and art to children in low-income neighborhoods of Los Angeles. She encourages you to find your own local organizations to support, in order to help keep our children involved in arts and off the streets!

The Environment

A major supporter of environmental causes, Danica's dedication to the issue was recognized by Earthtrust CEO Don White many years ago, who invited her to speak in his place for the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York for a night of "Celebration and Contemplation" of the 1992 Earth Day Summit in Brazil. Danica even sang in the music video "Let It Be Earth Day Everyday." In addition, she hosted one of the first live webcasts for the premiere of ECO's (Earth Communication Office) award-winning PSAs.

Fellow actor Trevor Wright and Danica bagged groceries at Whole Foods market for a good cause: The Environmental Media Association. 10% of Whole Foods' profits that day went to helping the environment.

Danica is a believer in recycling glass, rubber, cans and aluminum. However, she has mixed feelings about recycling plastic and paper because of the extra pollution those processes cause to the environment. After all, paper tree farms are a renewable resource that puts oxygen into the air and rids the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, while paper recycling involves a more involved manufacturing process than making paper directly from tree pulp. She prefers to avoid using plastic altogether, wherever possible, and prefers "reusing" over "recycling."

Danica has OK'd linking to this recent Recycling Expose by Penn & Teller, provided viewer discretion has been advised: The language in it is NOT suitable for minors, and Danica does not necessarily subscribe to all or even most of the opinions expressed in it, but appreciates a healthy debate over crucial issues like the environment, and welcomes her mature fans to check out this most usual look at recycling.



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