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Point-Slope Formula, as promised on p.150. I prefer slope-intercept form, but hey, sometimes we have to learn this one, too.

Happy Unit Cancellation, as promised on p.207. If you pay attention to the units in word problems, it's amazing how much they can make everything easier!

Percents and the Stock Market, as promised on p.215. This one is crazy; totally counter-intuitive stuff.

Scientific Notation, as promised on p.270. You might learn this in science class, but here's a handy review!

Completing the Square and the Quadratic Formula, as promised on p.396. This was the big challenge I gave you at the end of the book — can you do it without looking? If not, that's okay! Take a peek, and then try it again on your own next week. You are building those math muscles with this one, girl!

The Proof that 0.99999... = 1, as promised on p.399. This is one you can drive adults crazy with. Just try it.

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Solution Guides

Of course, the answers to all the "Doing the Math" problems are in the back of Hot X: Algebra Exposed, but just in case you want to see the fully worked out solutions, here they are. Hope this helps!

For other things promised in the book (like the Quickie Sheet, etc) go to the Extras page.

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